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Why we do this

Countless animals across the world needlessly suffer because we first keep them as pets and then, when they become an inconvenience, too often discard them back into the urban jungle. This leads to a large population of stray cats and dogs;  more than 50 million in the United States alone!

Spay & Neuter programs are widely accepted as the first step towards controlling the growing animal population.

We agree.

However, we also believe there are better ways to do this. Methods that are less invasive to the animal and cause less immediate pain and reduce long term side effects.

About Us

This all began because our scientific founder Dr. Leta Nutt also happens to be a mom of four, male Pomeranians. After a successful career in biomedical research, Leta decided to combine her passion for animals with her 25 years of research experience to participate in the University of Memphis’ Patent2Product fellowship. This two-year journey of customer, market, and product discovery has led to the founding of Nutt Bio, where we are going to End Animal Suffering Through Science.